Distraction free writing for Windows 10

Poe is a distraction-free writing suite, created by a writer for writers.

Poe was one of the first distraction-free writing apps on the Windows Store, launching way back in 2012. What started out as a barebones writing app became a more fully featured suite of writing tools, always maintaining a focus on simplicity, clarity and usability.

The developer uses Poe himself every day. He enjoys writing, coding and talking about himself in the third person.

Poe is of course named for American author Edgar Allan Poe, and the icon/logo is inspired by his famous poem "The Raven"

Download Poe here, or through the app store

are there other versions?



Automatically saves your file every 60 seconds. Never lose work again.

Wordcount Goal

Poe can notify you when you've reached a certain wordcount target

Writing Timer

Set an alarm for yourself to tell you when writing time is over

Custom Themes

Control every aspect of the look and feel of Poe.

and more
Quick access to dictionary, thesaurus, and rhyming dictionary

Built-in Autocorrect

Writers resources list

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a tutorial for Poe?

There's a tutorial within the app (press Help then View Tutorial). I plan to add a video tutorial soon

Is Poe available for any platforms other than Windows 10?

Other versions are in the planning stages, but it could be a long time before they get released

Tell us what version you'd like to see!

Is Poe available in any other languages?

Not at the moment.

Can you add a feature please?

I'm always open to suggestions. Just ask using the contact form!

Keyboard Shortcuts

CTRL+N - New file
CTRL+O - Open a file
CTRL+S - Save current file
CTRL+ALT+S - Save as
CTRL+W - Close current file
CTRL+F - Find text
CTRL+G / F3 - Find next
CTRL+P - Print
CTRL+I - Display Wordcount / Stats

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